Our Mission

To bring nutritious meals to the hungry and working poor within Indiana. Providing food service and resources to those deserving of, but not qualified for federal and state government assistance programs. As the first mobile pantry in Indiana to provide Home Delivery Service, we ensure the hungry within our community can request and receive food assistance discretely and without humiliation, blame or persecution.

 Doris Pantry would like to purchase 2 new mobile food units to bring more hot meals to families, children not receiving meals during the summer, and homeless individuals throughout the year, but especially during the cold winter months.
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Doris Pantry Serving Indianapolis, IN and
Proving Just How Much 'People Need People'.
 (Music By: Birdie 'People Help the People')

Our Objectives

Serving The Working Poor

and Destitute Ignored By Government Assistance


Providing Healthy Meals

For The Homeless

Promoting Community And
Youth Involvement

Decrease Homelessness In Indiana


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