Doris Pantry’s Care Package Crusade

The Impact of Just One…

Doris Pantry Charitable Food Donation Service

would like to invite you to join our efforts to feed hungry individuals and families in Indiana via our mobile home delivery service.

Doris Pantry would like to put together as many care packages as possible throughout the year, and continue to feed those who cannot feed themselves. A care package consists of between one week’s and one month’s supply of food for an hungry individual or family. The packages are delivered directly to those in need by Doris Pantry’s mobile home delivery service.

Imagine the impact you, as just one person, can have on the life of someone who has recently lost their job, fallen on hard times, or a person who just needs a little bit of help getting back on their feet again. You can make a difference by becoming a partner in Doris Pantry’s Care Package Crusade. Help Doris Pantry help those who cannot help themselves.

At Doris Pantry we believe that

“Feeding the World Starts With Feeding Just One.”™

Sponsor A Senior

Feed Our Seniors. Give Them Real Security…

Doris Pantry Charitable Food Donation Service

would like to invite you to sponsor a senior in your community.

Many seniors in our communities are struggling. Our parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers have gone from being the pillars of our communities and homes, to barely being able to stand on their own two feet. Let’s face it, there is nothing secure about our social security system, and it is time that we step up and give a little back to the people who raised, shaped, and molded us.

Our Seniors deserve dignity and respect. They deserve to enjoy their ‘golden years’, but are finding it difficult to do so on such limited incomes.

Doris Pantry’s Sponsor A Senior Program gives you the opportunity to commit to either preparing a Monthly Care Package, or helping Doris Pantry support one particular Senior Citizen every month through a monetary donation to the Sponsor A Senior Program. By feeding seniors participating in this program, we are essentially able to supplement their income and alleviate some of the pressures of their income restrictions.

You can make that difference! “Feeding the World Starts With Feeding Just One.”™

The Guardian Project

Parents Need Love Too.

Doris Pantry Charitable Food Donation Service

would like to invite you to Partner with us to build a program providing food services to parents tending to children with illnesses called

The Guardian Project.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Doris Pantry would like to initiate The Guardian Project to feed the parents and guardians of children with serious or terminal illnesses. We realized that these parents are spending many hours protecting, watching, crying, and praying over their sons and daughters who are being treated in our children’s hospitals. Medical bills are piling up and many of them don’t have a lot of time rest or roam.  These parents spend a lot of time tending to others, but who is there tending to them ?

The Guardian Project will fund expeditions that reach out to the parents of children with illness, and supplies them with nutritious, energy-sustaining meals while they are in the children’s hospitals at no charge to them. Our hope is that  Doris Pantry is able to give these parents the freedom to care for their children without compromising their own health and strength because of financial hardships or the inability to distance themselves from the hospitals for a period of time.

A little goes a long way.

“Feeding the World Starts With Feeding Just One.”™

Sack It To Indy!

Sack It To Indy!

Sacked Lunches For The Hungry

Doris Pantry Mobile Provides nutritious sacked lunches for those in need.

We need the support of the community to continue our programs to benefit the homeless and working poor in Indiana. It has been estimated that Indiana has a population of between 4,800 and 8,000. These are individuals, families, and abandoned children Doris Pantry has dedicated itself to providing sacked lunches that are distributed throughout Indianapolis, IN for those who have no homes, or don’t know where their next meal will come from. Doris Pantry averages 100 sacked lunch distributions per each Sack It To Indy mission.

The goal of Doris Pantry is to continuously expand or reach into more territories, and eventually provide Sack It To

Indy missions all over the state of Indiana on a daily basis. To do this, we need our community to pitch and make this goal a reality. Each sacked lunch is meal with is designed to provide nutritional balance and energy (i.e. Turkey, lettuce, and Cheese sandwich, 1 fruit, 1 granola bar, water and/or electrolyte drink, and a snack.) You can Help Doris Pantry by donating these item, gift cards, or signing up for recurring donation to see that this beneficial program continues to bless those who need it.

“Feeding the World Starts With Feeding Just One.”™

Military Care Packages

Military Care Packages

Sending care packages to our soldiers is very important to us. Several of our volunteers/officers have love ones who actively serve the military. By sending a monthly care package is our way of showing our soldiers we appreciate their commitment to protecting our Country.

If you would like to participate please contact

Mommy and Me Care Packages

Mommy & Me Care Packages ®

The Mommy & Me Care Packages are tailored to our individual clients. Items will be added/removed as deemed necessary. We are currently collecting items for our care packages. If you would like to donate please email or you may always send items to PO Box 24442, Indianapolis IN 46224. We are also accepting gently warn preemie, newborn, infant up to 24 months.

“Feeding the World Starts With Feeding Just One.”™